Michael G. Zagorski

Emeritus Professor



Other Information

Education: PhD, Case Western Reserve University


Elucidating the molecular mechanisms associated with protein misfolding and amyloid formation, together with the application of CD, AFM, EM, and NMR spectroscopic techniques in the analysis of protein structures. Currently, our efforts are focused with amyloid-forming proteins associated with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Prion diseases.


  • BS, S.U.N.Y., 1977
  • PhD, Case Western Reserve University, 1983
  • NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University, 1986

Selected Publications

  1. “Indoles as Essential Mediators in the Gut-Brain Axis. Their role in Alzheimer’s Disease,” M. Pappolla, G. Perry, X. Fang, M. G. Zagorski, K. Sambamurti, and P. Burkhard, Neurobiology of Disease, 2021, 156, 105403

  2. “Melatonin Treatment Enhances Ab Lymphatic Clearance in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Amyloidosis,” M. Pappolla, E. Matsubara, R. Vidal, J. Pacheco-Quinto, B. Poeggeler, M. G. Zagorski, and K. Sambamurti, Current Alzheimer Research, 2018, 15(7), 637-642.

  3. “Phenolic Compounds Prevent Amyloid β-Protein Oligomerization by Site Specific Binding,” K. Ono, L. Li, Y. Takamura, Y. Yoshiike, L. Zhu, F. Han, X. Mao, T. Ikeda, J. Takasaki, H. Nishijo, A. Takashima, D. B. Teplow, M. G. Zagorski, and M. Yamada, J. Biol Chem., 2012, 287, 14631-14643.

  4. “Production of Micelle-Like Structures During the Early-Stages of Ab(1-40) and Ab(1-42) Association,” L. Li, X. Mao, L. Hou, M. Miller, K. Bhaskar, V. Anderson, J. A. Mann, B. Lamb and M. G. Zagorski, J. Mol. Biol., submitted.

  5. “The PI3-Akt-mTOR Pathway Regulates b-amyloid Oligomer Induced Neuronal Cell Cycle Events,” K. Bhaskar, M. Miller, A. Chludzinski, M. G. Zagorski, and B. Lamb, Molecular Neurodegeneration, 2009, 4, 14-32 .

  6. “Modification of Amyloid-b1-42 Fibril Structure by Methionine-35 Oxidation,” L. Hou, H-G. Lee, F. Han, J. M. Tedesco, G. Perry, M. A. Smith, , and M. G. Zagorski, J. Alzheimer’s Disease, 2013, 37, 9-18.

  7. “Production of Native Protofibril Structures from Aggregation of a-Synuclein in Methanol-Water Solutions,” M. M. Apetri, R. Srinivasan, V. E. Anderson, and M. G. Zagorski, Biophys. J., submitted.

  8. “NMR Uncovers a Unique Binding Motif Between a-Synuclein and Tau,” M. M. Apetri, V. Lee, D. Eliezer, and M. G. Zagorski, Protein Science, submitted.

  9. “Antigen-antibody Dissociation in Alzheimer’s Disease: a Novel Approach to Diagnosis,” K. A. Gustaw, M. R. Garrett, H. Lee, R. J. Castellani, M. G. Zagorski, A. Prakasam, S. L. Siedlak, X. Zhu, G. Perry, R. B. Petersen, R. P. Friedland, and M. A. Smith, J. Neurochem., 2008, 106, 1350-1356.

  10. “Antibodies to Potato Virus Y Bind to the Amyloid b Protein: Immunohistochemical and NMR Studies,” R. P. Friedland, J. M. Tedesco, A. C. Wilson, C. S. Atwood, M. A. Smith, G. Perry, and M. G. Zagorski, J. Biol. Chem., 2008, 283, 22550-22556.

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